Did you know that women's feet hurt more in the fall? Did you know women are more likely to get bunions?

Undeniably, during the fall season, women are transitioning from open-toed sandals to cramped, pointed-toe boots—We see complaints from women daily regarding the formation and discomfort of bunions.

Bunions are often described by patients as a horribly painful throbbing that persists with and without shoes on. Bunions are permanent; however, the doctors always advise surgery as being the last resort. This is the time of year, though, when we are closer to meeting our deductibles and we find many women seeking a surgical solution after a busy summer season.

How do bunions form?

Bunions are a result of bone or tissue shifting at the joint at the bottom of the big toe. Poorly fitting shoes, the way we walk, and/or genetics can play a significant role in the development of a bunion.

So, quite obviously, we recommend wearing shoes that have more of a boxed toe to allow your digits to move and flex comfortably at the widest part of the foot. Be sure to wear shoes that have an appropriate arch.

In the meantime, there are ways to reduce the pain and prevent them from worsening.

How to relieve bunion pain (Lose the Jimmy Choos)

  • Talk to your podiatrist about selecting custom gel or foam inserts. These help to position the foot correctly.
  • Discuss a possible need for orthotics with your podiatrist.
  • In some cases, patients will take anti-inflammatory meds to help reduce the pain.
  • Be sure to keep a healthy weight.
  • A splint (provided by your podiatrist) can be worn at night to redirect your big toe away from the others—thus, alleviating the pressure.
  • Soak your feet in warm water or under ice, and never pass up a gentle foot massage!

When is surgery necessary?

In many cases, the pain from a bunion can make daily activities excruciating and unpleasant. When the pain of a bunion interferes with a woman's daily activities, it's time to discuss surgical options.

Do you believe you have a bunion? Contact us at either our East or West Side locations to book an appointment.