Whether you suffer from diabetes or not, foot care during the colder months is essential; however, for those with diabetes, threats including poor sensation and reduced circulation may be concerning. Below are five tips for extra special care during the winter months:

  1. Amp up your daily foot inspection. For anyone suffering from diabetes, we always encourage a daily inspection of both feet. Look for any cuts or blisters in the skin and changes in skin color. Wearing white socks is a good indicator of any possible drainage from an open sore.

  2. Keep your feet moisture-free. Moisture trapped near your feet can increase the growth of bacteria and fungus. If you have any open sores, these pathogens can cause serious problems. Changing socks 2-3 times a day can keep moisture at bay.

  3. Consider comfortable, breathable footwear. Clearly, selecting a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry is ideal; however, opt for well fitting. Making sure the proper fit of footwear will prevent blisters and open sores.

  4. Keep your toenails trimmed and clean. Ingrown toenails can be a major source of infection.

  5. Stay active. It may be cold outside, but this is no excuse to stop moving. Exercise can help lower blood glucose levels, increase blood flow, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Take care of yourself and keep warm! If you are need of an appointment, book today at your closest location by calling 216-381-3600 (East Side) or 440-333-5888 (West Side).