Have you tried Baby Foot yet?

As you know, we are not always the biggest advocates for salon pedicures due to some of the sanitary risks they carry. So, what should you do when your feet look like they've carried you a thousand miles barefoot through a thick, dense forest (now, that's a visual)? We're huge fans of a fantastic solution for smoothing over, softening, and moisturizing the feet. It's called Baby Foot and it's flying off our shelves! We love it because it is hassle-free and diminishes the risks of infection compared to alternative methods of foot care.

Treat yourself to one of the most ground-breaking, popular at-home foot treatments for the holidays. Baby Foot gently removes the unsightly dead skin to reveal smoother healthier feet. As time marches on, we develop a build-up of skin cells which, in some cases, can cause dry, cracked, and even painful calluses. Using fruit acid, Baby Foot gently penetrates through the dead skin and dissolves the extra layers of skin. This breakdown causes the dead skin cells to gently peel away without any pain. In addition, Baby Foot is composed of 17 natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize the feet for truly transformative results.

Baby Foot as an alternative to Foot Files and Razors

Traditionally, pedicures involve filing down dead skin or using a razor to remove calluses. In some cases, this friction can actually kill healthy cells and create yet another layer of dead skin cells, requiring more short-term maintenance and possible injury. Baby Foot can eliminate this issue because there is no friction. Rather, Baby Foot reaches beyond the dead cells to moisturize and nourish the healthy cells.

How to Use Baby Foot

Baby Foot comes with plastic footies that can be secured with adhesive and a gel. We encourage you to soak your feet thoroughly to soften the feet prior to application to maximum penetration. Once the gel is applied to your feet, wrap them in the plastic footies, pop on some socks to maximize penetration through heat, and leave them on for a minimum of one hour. Then, simply wash the gel away. Peeling with begin within 3 to 7 days after the initial application. Allow the peeling to happen naturally; Don’t forcibly peel away the skin. Instead, apply an oil-free moisturizer (sparingly) to help the exfoliation process. Peeling can take up to two weeks to complete, however, at the end, you will enjoy soft, youthful feet!

To grab your Baby Foot or nab one for the last minute gift, drop in at the office or during your next appointment!

In the meantime, have a happy, healthy holiday season!