Whether you’re thinking about taking up running this summer or you’re a pro in training, it’s essential that you pay close attention to old injuries that may not have properly healed on their own.

It is estimated that one in four sports injuries involves the foot or ankle, and a majority of them occur from incomplete rehabilitation of earlier injuries.

One of the most important things we can stress is that pain isn't normal in the ankle, even if you're just getting back into shape.

Both amateur and professional athletes often misunderstand how serious a sprain can be, and they rush back into action without taking time to rehabilitate the injury properly.

A sprain that happened years ago can leave residual weakness that isn’t noticed in normal daily activity, but subjecting the ankle to rigorous physical activity can further damage improperly healed ligaments, and cause persistent pain and swelling.

Persistent pain and tenderness after a sprain, especially if you feel a ‘pop’ on the outside of the ankle and can’t stand tiptoe, might be a warning sign that the tendon is torn or split. This is absolutely cause to book an appointment!

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