Swollen Feet
The summer heat can cause swollen feet or make a pre-existing swelling worse. But on top of that, in the summertime, it’s likely your activity levels will increase due to the sun shining bright in the sky. It just makes you wanna go outside - it’s science. Anyway, exercising can cause swelling in the feet and legs too. 

What can you do? Put your feet up, grab a glass of wine… oh sorry, what were we saying? Oh yes, put your feet up! Elevation is great for decreasing swelling. A cold foot soak doesn’t hurt, either.

Going Barefoot
Walking around barefoot opens you up to all types of infections that wouldn’t normally be a risk because… need we say it? You’re putting your bare feet in direct contact with the ground. Think hookworm, creeping eruption, and let’s not forget tetanus.

What can you do? If you must bare your soles, try to avoid the highest risk areas, which are: public areas such as swimming pools (and sauna) and the beach (we know - the places you are most likely to walk around barefoot). 

Wearing Flip Flops
See our previous post on why we do not recommend wearing flip flops. Sorry.

What can you do? We get it, flip flops are cute. They let your feet breathe. They remind you it’s summertime. Wear them. It’s like everything though: in moderation.

Sweaty Feet
Sweaty feet in themselves aren’t exactly a hazard, although prolonged dampness is never great for any parts of your body. But having sweaty feet can lead to other uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situations (smelly feet anyone? Come on, we’ve all been there at least once).

What can you do? Wear the right socks/shoes. Drink plenty of water. Use an anti-fungal powder.


We don’t have to tell you - sunburn is bad for your skin. But if you’ve ever caught a sunburn on the sole of your feet, you’ll know it’s the worst possible place to get sunburned. 

What can you do? Use sunscreen. It may seem obvious, but if you think about it, how often do you actually remember to apply it on your feet? Not all that often, we’re willing to bet.

Remember that these tips are to help you make the most of your summer, not to make you anxious and obsessed about everything you do. We believe it’s just good to be conscious of what you’re doing and taking measures to protect your feet - and your wellbeing.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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